I will use this Page for updates on the current status of my works.

For the links to my chapters, click on blog and you will find the links at the bottom.

below this you will see the current status of the two novels as for 07/03/2016:

EUWOP: in progress; Regular release of 2 chapters a week

BOCG: Inactive; more material required.

Update as of 07/07/16: Chapter 1 is up. I have edited the prologue as well which should be easier to read now. Corrections have also been made to chapter 1

I am pleased to announce that someone has offered to be an editor for this novel so grammar issues will be less.

Update as of 07/13/16: Srry for the later chapter. Just got over strep throat . Not a fun experience but I have unedited version of chapter two. will have the edited version out without 24 hours.

Chapter 1: 12 orbs   Chapter 2: Danger of Cultivation